2019 Party List Sneak Preview

1. Symphonic Taste of the Town

Travel no further than Jacksonville next summer to enjoy the world class talent of the Britt Orchestra and to savor luxurious gourmet foods and drinks from local merchants. This extraordinary gift basket will provide hours of entertainment for you and your guests.  It includes 2 tickets to each of the 2019 Britt classical nights.  Before you head out for the evening, will you eat dinner at the Jacksonville Inn or grab Britt Basket dinners to go from The Bella?  Will it be beers and pretzels from The Schoolhaus Brewhaus, or wine and charcuterie from Harry & David?  If you win this basket, you don’t have to choose; it can all be yours!  Cheers!

Gift basket value: $680

Donated by:

The Jacksonville Inn $100

The Bella Union $60

The Schoolhaus Brewhaus $50

Harry & David $150

Britt Music & Arts Festival $320


2. The Black Pearl Party for 12

Like the lustrous and subtle gleam of a Tahitian black pearl, this party beckons at a relaxed tropical pace.  The island locals call it Tahiti Time.  Invite your friends for a twelve person al fresco tama’ara’a (Tahitian feast) with a sparkling poolside backdrop and a hip-swinging traditional dance performance by Hula o Nuku ‘Ãina.  Revel in the blend of French laissez-faire and Tahitian joie de vivre while indulging in a delectable signature cocktail and cuisine inspired by lush Polynesian flavors.  This exotic party beckons like the mysterious island Bali Ha’i.  Come away…come away to a fête as dreamy and sensuous as a Tahitian black pearl.

​Location:  Poolside pergola in Jacksonville

Number of Guests: 12

Date:  May - September 2019 by arrangement

Chair: Lara David

Signature cocktail provided by Chris and Lara David. Location provided by Dave and Cristie Fairbanks.

3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Girl’s Night Out

Ladies, darlings, are you ready for a fabulous night? Well then, don your little black dress, Tiffany pearls, and join us along with your closest girlfriends, for an evening celebrating Audrey Hepburn's classic Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Signature cocktails, decadent hors d'oeuvres, mood lighting, and classic NYC movie scenes will take you back to the romance and daring, darling charm of Audrey's most memorable role as Holly Golightly.  You don't want to miss this elegant evening where you become the star of the show! Dance to the sounds of Casey Baker from 105.1 the Wolf!

Fixed Bid:  $100 per person

Location: The Hillcrest House

Number of guests: 80 - Paddle Party

Date:  September 19, 2019;  6:00 - 8:00 pm

Chair: Monica Lewis


4. The World is Your Oyster

Cocktail Party for 24


Let the Hillcrest Ladies throw you a dream of a party.  We can help you celebrate a special occasion, or to christen a new home or remodel. Maybe you just want to spoil 24 of the most special people in your life.  Whatever the occasion, we will take advantage of the bounty of the Pacific Northwest to give you the party of your dreams.  Perhaps you envision an elegant seafood tower and the popping of champagne corks.  Or smoked oysters and ales.  In the comfort of your own beautiful home, allow the Hillcrest ladies to shuck and pour until you say no more!

Location: Buyer’s Home
Number: 24
Date: February, March, April, September, October or November 2019 by arrangement
Chair: Tiffany Graeber


Wine donated by Bryan and Stephanie DeBoer.

5. Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Party for 16


Are you ready for a smashing good time at your exclusive Wimbledon themed champagne tennis social?  Your love-ly group of 16 will hold court at Sun Oaks Tennis Courts for some friendly match ups with competitive games brought to you by your Hillcrest hosts.  Post-match you will hit the clubhouse for an afternoon social that rivals the sophisticated tea at the Hotel du Vin Wimbledon. We'll be serving up some traditional sandwiches and savories alongside exotic teas, gin and bubbly. Your team will leave the event feeling like a number one fan of the great grand slam that starts the following day!


Location: Sun Oaks Courts and Clubhouse

Number of Guests: 16

Date: Sunday, June 30th, 2019

Chair: Dana Smith


Champagne provided by the Hillcrest Committee. 

6. Star of Bombay

Party for 40

There are only two types of people living on earth: the kind that likes gin and tonics and the kind that simply hasn’t tried a good one yet! On the lovely patio of Roy and Dina Vinyard, on a beautiful summer

evening, you and 39 of your friends will enjoy some creative gin cocktails accompanied by an array of tasty morsels.

Give a bottle of gin and have a happy friend. Share a bottle of gin and have a happy friendship!

Location: Home of Roy and Dina Vinyard

Number of Guests: 40

Date: June, July or August by arrangement

Chairs: Patti Diehl & Karen Porschet Miller


Invitations and all other alcoholic beverages are provided by the buyer(s).

7. Donation Paddle

The Hillcrest Committee

Cancer Research Project

The Hillcrest women extend a heartfelt invitation to each of you to support our vision for a cure for cancer.  Please join us by raising your paddle for cancer research.  Together we will support those who wish to improve the lives of many.

8. The Crown Jewels

Party for 30


Do not miss your chance to call bagsy for this high tea party! You will think the champagne toast is the bee’s knees while you budge up next to your friends for a nice chinwag.  You will be gob smacked by the fine selection of loose and packed teas, finger sandwiches, savory nibbles, delectable petit fours and freshly baked scones with clotted cream.  The committee will be on it like a car bonnet to provide you a smashing good time for supporting our brilliant cause. You’ll be quids in if you splash out for this crown jewel of a sumptuous affair, and Bob’s your uncle!


Location: Your Gaff or the Gaff of Toby and Becki Cochran

Number of Guests: 30

Dates:  March, April, or May 2019 by arrangement

Chairs: Becki Cochran & Helen Koenigsman


Champagne toast provided by The Hillcrest Committee. 


9. Ruby Slippers

Dinner Party for 12


There’s truly no place like the Hillcrest House to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the iconic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.  Just click your heels and follow the yellow brick road to a lavish ruby red slippers dinner party for 12.  Your guests will be Over the Rainbow with a whimsical signature cocktail and fabulous character themed menu. Let our dedicated Hillcrest cast and crew transport you to a dazzling evening in the magical land of Oz.  It’s a dream come true!


Location:  The Hillcrest House

Number of Guests:  12

Date:  January, February, April, May 2019; and the last two weeks of October 2019, by arrangement

Chair:  Nancy Thiebes


Signature cocktail provided by The Hillcrest Committee. 


10.  Emerald Isle

Golf Party for 24


Gather your group and enjoy playing your own private golf scramble on the emerald isle of the Rogue Valley, Stewart Meadows. It is one of Southern Oregon’s favorite 9-hole courses and is a peaceful oasis from the hustle and bustle of downtown Medford. Celebrate after the game at the Tee Time Cafe with Arnold Palmers and your favorite cocktails.  Your private 19th hole will also include delicious appetizers served by The Hillcrest Committee.

Location: Stewart Meadows Golf Course and Tee Time Cafe

Number of Guests:  24

Date: May through June by arrangement

Chairs: Janice Cox & Ayano Istel


Invitations and all other alcoholic beverages are provided by the buyer(s).

11. Coachella

Paddle Party

Coachella: the music, the fashion, THE party you don’t want to miss! Ditch your diamonds and pearls and don your boho beads and crochet dresses to celebrate the music and style of Coachella. On the grounds of the lovely Roxy Ann Winery all you guys and gals can munch on tasty appetizers served out of food trucks or booths, lounge on the outdoor furniture and cozy up by the fire.  Everyone gets a wristband and of course music, dancing, and drinks. 


Fixed Bid:  $100 per person

Location:  Roxy Ann Winery

Date: Sunday, April 28th, 2019

Number of Guests: 80 - Paddle Party

Chairs: Kate Empasis & Nancy Suvoy


12. Rhinestone Cowboy

Dinner for 24


I’m gonna be where the lights are shinin’ on me! Like a Rhinestone Cowboy! Grab your cowboy boots, fancy buckles, and cowboy hat for a star-studded evening. Learn a few country line dance moves to impress your friends and dine on tri-tip with all the fixings.  The ladies of Hillcrest throw a shindig like no other!


Location:  Gambee Stage Pass Barn

Number of Guests: 24

Date:  September 14th, 2019, 6:00-8:00 pm

Chair:  Christin Sherbourne


Signature drink provided by The Hillcrest Committee.

13. Double Black Diamond

Party for 40

Ready for an intimate après ski cocktail party for you and your 39 closest friends? At the Mt. Ashland Lodge you can cozy up to a Bailey’s and hot chocolate bar or enjoy a signature Hillcrest Hillbuster or two.  Do you dare do a shot ski? Sweet and savory slope-style treats are on offer as well, from fabulous fondue to scrumptious s’mores.  Whether you’re a snow bunny, bomber, boarder, gaper, jerry, planker, or ripper, grab your parka’d posse and prepare to party.

Location:  Mt. Ashland Lodge

Number of Guests:  40

Date: Saturday or Sunday, January 26th - March 10th (excluding Feb. 16th), 4:30-6:30 pm, by arrangement

Chairs: Rebekah McAnally & Holly Roberts

Discounted $25 lift tickets available to all party guests.  Signature drink provided by The Hillcrest Committee.

14. Diamonds are Forever

Party for 40

For your eyes only.  By invitation from Her Majesty’s Secret Service, you and your guests will arrive at the historic Hillcrest House “Dressed to Kill” for this black-tie affair.  Make it your mission to indulge in delectable appetizers and classic martinis, shaken not stirred, or perhaps a Vesper martini?  Don’t be surprised if a few Bond girls or 007 himself “crash the party” to play a few hands of Baccarat.

Location: The Hillcrest House

Number of Guests: 40

Date: Spring or Fall 2019, by arrangement

Chairs: Karin Dailey & Cindy Prewitt

15. Breakfast at Tiffany's Bonus Bash

Party for 8

A special treat for you and 7 guests. Spend a glamorous evening in the Crystal Room of the Ashland Springs Hotel. This party features a mimosa bar, a delicious spread of sweet and savory bites prepared by LARKS and a private showing of the classic movie Breakfast At Tiffany's.

Location: Crystal Room at Ashland Springs Hotel

Number of Guests: 8

Date: June 13, 2019; 7-10pm

Mimosa bar provided by Ashland Springs Hotel. No Host available upon request. Decor by Party Gallery. Invitations provided by the buyers.




All auction items need to be paid for in full the night of the ball.

Parties will not be sold twice.

All parties are two hours and include food and set up.

Invitations and alcoholic beverages are provided by the buyer(s) unless otherwise indicated.

Any exceptions are noted in the party description.

All dinner parties are valid through November 2019.

Gift certificates are valid until December 1, 2019 unless otherwise noted.

The Southern Oregon Foundation Supporting a Cure for Cancer, known as “The Hillcrest Committee,” is a non-profit 501©3 organization,

tax I.D. #46-3106746.

Good Luck!