Martinis & Mayhem

Mar Apr or Nov



Chair: Barb Raniele

Committee: Carolyn Ferguson, Nancy Thiebes, Linda Maddux, Christie Fairbanks, Grier Gaffney

Buyers: Rachel Peña

Notes: 24 people. Sold for $7,000

Moveable Feast Dinner

March 27

Gambee, Haveman, Johnson Homes

Committee Cooks

Chairs: Judy Gambee, Micki Palpant

Committee: Ayano Istel, Rebekah McAnally, Marianne Clarke, Lori Schultz

Buyers: Ed Istel, Fritz Schuler, Mike Schwartz, Chuck Watson

Brief Description: Progressive dinner Frank Clark Homes

Notes: 10 people.  Sold for $5,750

Special Occasion Party

April 11

Ashland Hills

Their staff

Liaison:  Becky Cockran

Buyers: DeBoer and Ravassipour

Notes: 10 people. Sold for $5,000

Wines of the World Pairing


DeBoer Home


Chair:  Stephanie DeBoer

Committee: Tiffany Graeber, Lynn Hammond, Tiffani Cox, Tammy Lochner, Lori Bandler

Buyer: Carolyn Lesley

Notes: 10 people. Sold for $17,000

Balloons, Bubbles & Brunch




Chair: Karin Dailey

Committee: Neva Nuich, Skye Flora, Dixie Hackstedde, Yvette Provosty, Cindy Smith

Buyers: Joe Davis, Monica Morales, Helen & Scott Koenigsman, LeClair & Murdoch, Matt Ruby, Anusha Weerakoon

Notes: 24 people.  Sold for $3,500

Top Gun


Blum Hangar


Chair: Patti Diehl

Committee: Cindy Prewitt, Jenn Stringer, Tammy Lochner, Tiffany Graeber, Neva Nuich, Dana Smith

Buyers: Brower, Empasis, Hiestermann, Koenigsman, Mayers, McDermott, Karniol, Sherbourne, Suvoy, Thompson

Notes: 40 people. Sold for $6,000

Diner en Blanc

May 31


All Cook

Chairs: Nancy Suvoy and Kate Empasis

Committee: Helen Koenigsman, Yvette Provosty, Jenn Stringer, Skye Flora, Patty Hubbert, Anusha Weerakoon, Sue Nolan-Olson

Buyers: 119 People

Notes: 80 people. Sold for $14,875

La Dolce Vita


Pegan Home


Chair: Karen Porschet Miller

Committee: Lynn Hammond, Cathy Theen, Linda Maddux, Christie Fairbanks, Anusha Weerakoon

Buyers: Bernard/Graeber, Cox, DeBoer, Istel, Koenigsman, Lesley, Lochner

Notes: 24 people. Sold for $8,000

Farm to Table

Late Summer



Chairs: Rebekah McAnally and Lori Bandler

Committee: Grier Gaffen, Ayano Istel, Cindy Bottasso, Anne Jantzi, Cindy Prewitt

Buyers: Hoftiezer, Maddux, Schultz, Theen, Thiebes

Notes: 40 people.  Sold for $5,500

Mad Hatter Tea Party-GNO

Sept 3

1 W. Main

All Cook

Chair: Cristin Sherbourne

Committee: Dixie Hackstedde, Cindy Smith, Sue Nolan-Olson, Nancy Thiebes, Cindy Botasso, Marialice Wright, Judy Gambee, Micki Palpant

Buyers: 114 people

Notes: 80 people. Sold for $11,400


Sept or Oct

Mt. Ashland


Chairs: Paden Voget and Lara David

Committee: Patty Hubbert, Dana Smith, Helen Koenigsman, Anne Jantzi, Tiffani Cox

Buyers: Eric & Yvette Provosty

Notes: 40 people.  Sold for $3,250

Onesie Party

Nov 7



Chairs: Sue Martin and MaryJo Hoftiezer

Committee: Carolyn Ferguson, Edie Chezik, Marianne Clarke, Lori Schultz, Cathy Theen

Buyers: Mark & Tiffani Cox

Notes: 40 people.  Sold for $2,000